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Shingle roofing systems are the most popular types of systems, and often the most affordable option. This type of roof can stand up to various types of weather, and have a life span of 30-50 years. Shingle roofing systems are also very durable, less likely to warp, crack, peel, split, low maintenance, and resistant to fire, mold, and moisture. We offer 3 types of shingles which include:

  • Asphalt

  • Composite

  • Synthetic Shake

Close up view on asphalt roofing shingle


A Tile roofing system has been used for hundreds of years, and can date back to 10,000 B.C. This type of roofing system is very long lasting (Concrete tile), and extremely long lasting (Clay/Terracotta). Clay tile roofings are excellent for homes with an Italian, Spanish, Tudors, Craftsman, and Normandy Cottage design or a modern, clean look. Tiles can also come in a variety of different colors and shapes, low maintenance, and very attractive. We offer 3 types of tile:

  • Concrete

  • Clay

  • Terracotta


Metal roofing systems are great for flat or very steep rooflines. Metal roofs are very long lasting and have great durability, and can last over 50 years. This type of roofing system also holds up very strongly to weathering and other damage without cracking, splitting, warping, or rotting. Metal roofs are also fire resistant, and depending on the pigmentation of the roof can also reflect heat from the sun to keep your home cooler. We currently only offer:

  • Standing Seam

Metal Roof 3-min.jpg
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