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The constant weather changes can wreak havoc on your roof. High winds to severe rain storms to the blistering heat, these conditions can cause extensive wear and tear of your roof over a period of time. If you suspect you are in need of a roof repair, it’s critical to act before the situation gets worse. Virtue Roofing experts are trained to spot damaged areas needing immediate attention, and potential areas of concern, and can provide these services at a reasonable cost to you.


Frequent maintenance inspections will drastically reduce the major damage that can lead to replacing your roof. Our Roof Shield maintenance program will be able to identify any areas of concern needing repairs or immediate attention. Once these areas are identified, we will coordinate a plan to ensure proper action is taken to make any repairs needed. Let us help reduce the high costs that repairs left untreated can cause.


Once a damaged roof is beyond repair, a full replacement may be the only option. Properly done roof repairs will help maintain the life and structure of your roof. A leaking roof can cause water damage and mold if left untreated, which can also lead to a full roof replacement. So let Virtue Roofing help extend the life of your roof with regular maintenance and repair.

Types Of Damage

  • Missing or broken shingles

  • Missing or broken tile

  • Damage from storms or falling debris

  • Water Damage

  • Areas that have become bare and exposed to the elements

  • Misshapen, warped, cracked, peeling, or splitting roofing systems (shingles, tile, metal)

What Can We Repair

  • Tile - Concrete, Clay

  • Synthetic Shake

  • Shingles - Asphalt, Composite

  • Metal - Standing Seam

  • Built Up Roofing (BUR)

  • Single Ply - EPDM, TPO, PVC

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