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Roof Shield Commercial Maintenance Program


Frequent maintenance inspections will drastically reduce the major damage that can lead to replacing your roof. Our Roof Shield maintenance program will be able to identify any areas of concern needing repairs or immediate attention. Once these areas are identified, we will coordinate a plan to ensure proper action is taken to make any repairs needed. Let us help reduce the high costs that repairs left untreated can cause.

Roof Shield Commercial Roofing Maintenance Program

The changing weather elements can expose your roof to severe damages. Excessive UV rays can accelerate the deterioration of your roofing system. Our Roof Shield preventative maintenance program is designed to help business owners and/or commercial property managers extend the life of their roofing systems and identify roof issues caused by weather or debris, to help mitigate costly repairs that result from roof negligence. Our options range from an annual, or semi-annual inspection of the roof and attic space to ensure they’re providing maximum protection for the commercial property.

Here are some benefits of the program:

  • Extends roof life up to 50% if used consistently

  • Prevent major interior damage and health hazards from mildew and mold buildup

  • Reduces liability by preventing accidents and damage from occurring to tenants or clients

  • Provides peace of mind during high winds and storms

  • Entitles you to priority-guaranteed appointments and emergency service response


With Roof Shield, you’ll also have the documentation you need to prove the roof has been maintained, which will increase the value of the property in the event you or your client decides to sell.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance Program


Our roof inspections will ensure your business or commercial buildings get the maximum shelf life out of your roofing system. Our Roof Shield maintenance roofing program can help you save thousands in repair costs and keep your investments operating to their full potential. During our inspection, our technicians will:

  • Remove debris from the roof as well as valley areas and around flashings

  • Clear all drains, scuppers, and downspouts

  • Check the roof system for proper adhesion, including fasteners

  • Refasten any materials that have become loose from the wind

  • Inspect the roof for blisters, cracks, and seam separation

  • Inspect and, as needed, refasten and reseal parapet wall flashing

  • Check and reseal roof penetrations such as those from plumbing, AC systems, and vents

  • Inspect roof accessories, including satellite dishes, antennas, solar heaters, etc.

  • Repair any small, noticeable potential roof leaks

  • Provide an estimate for repairing any major damage uncovered

  • Give a timeline for repairing or replacing the roof, if needed, as well as a budget for future planning


Once our inspection is complete, our experts will provide you with a complete report that details everything the inspection covered and recommendations to address necessary repairs, and accompanied with photos of the inspection. We will provide you with all the information you need to keep your roofing system protected from water damage so your for clients, tenants, merchandise, and equipment stay dry.

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