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Frequent maintenance inspections will drastically reduce the major damage that can lead to replacing your roof. Our Roof Shield maintenance program will be able to identify any areas of concern needing repairs or immediate attention. Once these areas are identified, we will coordinate a plan to ensure proper action is taken to make any repairs needed. Let us help reduce the high costs that repairs left untreated can cause.

Our Residential Roof Shield Maintenance Program

The average cost to replace a roof on a 1,500sqft home is just over $6,000 with no warranty. These costs will increase with premium roof materials and added square footage. By not having your roof inspected on a regular basis you become vulnerable to such high costs. Let our experts here at Virtue Roofing ensure your covered from high costs with regular inspections with our Roof Shield maintenance program.

Inspection Services include:

  • Removing debris and heavy dirt build up

  • Inspecting for blisters, cracks, seam separation, and warped shingles

  • Check fasteners and adhesion

  • Repair any material that may have been influenced by weather. i.e wind, rain, heat

  • Inspecting and repairing parapet wall flashing as needed

  • Inspect pipes, AC curbs, gutters, and wall drains. Reseal as needed.

  • Repair minor potential roof leaks

  • Re-secure loose tile or shingles

  • Inspect satellite dishes, antennas, solar panels, ventilation vents. Tighten fixtures if required.

  • Provide cost efficient estimates for major repairs that may be needed

  • Provide accurate timelines for projects

  • Provide a check list with details of maintenance inspections

  • Provide any detailed recommendations on how to solve any issues that may have been found during inspection

  • Copies for your records

Roof Shield Maintenance Program cont.

Our Roof Shield maintenance program allows for annual or semi-annual inspections, which will ensure you have the best protection for your home. Our Roof Shield maintenance program will:

  • Extend the life of your roof

  • Prevent major damage from going unnoticed, that can be harmful.

  • Reduce damage from occurring to your property

  • Priority appointments

  • Emergency service response after storm damage to your roof

  • Increase the value of your home with proof of documentation of every inspection




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