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About Us

How We Started

Virtue Roofing's owner Manuel Garcia began his roofing career at the early age of 18. Roofing became his passion and has been his first and only career. His journey began as part of the clean up crew at job sites as a teenager, and to becoming the Superintendent of a major roofing company, and ultimately to go on to founding the company Virtue Roofing. Over his 40 years of experience he has gained in-depth knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the roofing industry and continues to heighten his skills of learning new procedures and technologies that continue to change the landscape of this ever changing industry. Manuel Garcia has built and maintained a solid reputation as a roofing contractor through his great work ethics and honesty within the industry. His reputation within the roofing industry is one of trust and respect, and continues to be held in high regard by his community and by his peers within the roofing industry. Virtue Roofing is family owned, and we will strive to make our customers feel as though they are part of our family. We believe in giving back to the community who supports us, which is our top priority. Our quality of work, dependability, and honesty is what truly makes our company Virtue.


Our Mission

To offer quality roofing, while maintaining and leading the way as a consumer friendly company.

Our Vision 

To top every clients home or business with quality roofing.

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